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Liveability in urban environments is affected by factors such as Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, air quality and noise – to mention only three of the most important ones. In tropical Singapore, increased temperatures due to UHI negatively affects thermal comfort of residents.

A multidisciplinary research team led by the Singapore-ETH Centre, in collaboration with SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology), TUM CREATE (Technical University of Munich) and NUS (National University of Singapore), aims to find means to mitigate UHI effect in Singapore.

To sustainably reduce UHI effect, the combined effort from various stakeholders, including government agencies and private companies, is necessary. The goals of the 'Cooling Singapore' (CS) project are to:

  1. develop roadmaps to help coordinate long-term (e.g., until 2030/2050) UHI mitigation efforts and UHI-related R&D activities
  2. establish a local task force of UHI experts, researchers and government representatives to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between the various stakeholders.

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