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The Singapore-ETH Centre serves as an intellectual hub for research, scholarship, entrepreneurship, postgraduate and postdoctoral training aimed at providing practical solutions to some of the most pressing challenges on sustainability.

The first programme - the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) combines science and design to for a sustainable urban future with an Asian perspective. Launched in 2014, the Future Resilient Systems (FRS), seeks to make interconnected infrastructure systems more robust and resilient.

Through the two programmes, the centre provides a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment to a community of PhD, postdoctoral and professorial researchers working on diverse themes. In addition, researchers at the centre actively collaborate with local and foreign universities and research institutes, and engage with industry and government agencies to find practical solutions to real-world issues.

Housed in the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) in Singapore, the Singapore-ETH Centre is housed alongside centres set up by MIT, TUM, UC Berkely, Shanghai Jiaotong and other renown universities within an ecosystem that promotes collaboration and exchange.

In 2017, the Singapore-ETH Centre led the inter-institutional Cooling Singapore research project, in colloboration with CREATE centres established by MIT, TUM and with NUS, to develop a roadmap to improve thermal comfort in tropical Singapore.

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