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8 Mar | Prof Peter Edwards to speak on 'Technological Myopia' at the upcoming Para-Limes conference themed 'Causality-Reality'.

The sixth Para Limes complexity conference themed 'Causality – Reality' brings together some of the best scientists and thinkers in the area of complexity share their views.

We seek to manage and control our world by establishing causalities. And we try to use science to help us. However one of the biggest challenges for science is to untangle or better understand the relationship between causality and reality. This is especially true for complexity science that deals with the real world, or with complex systems like our brains or our immune system

Prof Peter Edwards joins 12 uniquely qualified speakers to address the issue of Causality – Reality. He will speak on 'Technological Myopia on the final day of the conference on 8 March. The event is organised by Para Limes at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

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