FCL Lunch Talk: Cooler Calmer Singapore


1 Feb | An introduction to Cooling Singapore and Cooler Calmer Singapore - two new projects targeted at mitigating the urban heat island effect.

This talk will provide an update on two research projects – Cooling Singapore (CS) and Cooler Calmer Singapore Impact Project (CCSIP) – and discuss the relationship between them.

CS is a joint project between SEC, TUM CREATE, SMART and NUS. Its goal is to develop a roadmap for mitigating Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect in Singapore and to identify technology and knowledge gaps in order to develop a corresponding R&D roadmap. In addition, CS aims at establishing a UHI task force that will involve experts from the government and private sector.

CCSIP aims at developing a design evaluation loop tool that would enable urban designers and architects to evaluate the impact of design decisions on thermal comfort due to the resulting UHI effect. This tool will help to simulate how design features (e.g., facades and roof types) influence the local UHI effect. A multi-scale modelling and simulation approach is being developed for this purpose.


Dr Heiko Aydt received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and a MSc degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He is the Coordinator of the Responsive Cities Scenario at the Singapore-ETH Centre's Future Cities Laboratory (FCL). He is also the Project Leader of Cooling Singapore (CS). Previously, he worked at the TUM CREATE as Principal Investigator of the Modelling and Optimization of Architectures and Infrastructure Group, and at the Parallel and Distributed Computing Centre at NTU as Research Associate.

Dr Conrad H. Philipp received his PhD at the Institute of City Planning and Urban Design of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE, Germany) and a Diploma in Geography and International Politics from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany). Since 2016, he is a Senior Researcher and Project Coordinator of the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) project Cooling Singapore (CS). Previously, he worked at the University of South Australia as Postdoctoral Researcher, where he coordinated the CRC-LCL (Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, based at the University of New South Wales, Sydney) research project 'Urban Micro Climates: Comparative study of major contributors to the Urban Heat Island effect in three Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide)'.

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