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1st STIP Study Tour (1-7 March 2017) 

Promising encounters

Representatives of Swiss SME, engaged in blue and smart technology as well as energy and hospital building joined a five days study tour to Singapore and Jakarta form March 1 to March 7. The delegation met representatives of government agencies, private investors, business leaders as well as scientists to discuss ways to transfer knowledge into effective action and to explore market opportunities for new products and services in Singapore and Indonesia. The tour was organized by the Swiss Technology Impact Platform STIP which brings together scientists of ETH Singapore and Swiss SMES to exchange knowledge and experiences.

STIP Study Tour Participants and Organisers

1st row (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Hugo Tschirky (Asia Expert), Denise Weber (ETH Zürich), Dr. Remo Burkhard (Singapore-ETH Centre), Prof. Peter Edwards (Singapore-ETH Centre), Gabriele Kadner (escherTEC AG), Janine Bachmann (Singapore-ETH Centre), James Fortier (Smixin SA)

2nd row (from left to right): Rolf Probala (Probala Communications), Peter Latscha (Glutz AG), Kevin Lim (Singapore-ETH Centre), Markus Egger (Glutz AG), Karl-Heinz Restle (Renergon International AG), Luc Amgwerd (Gjosa SA), Heinz Zürich (digitalStrom AG)

Video summary highlights Study Tour
Click on this image to see a video on how STIP supports Swiss companies by providing study tours.

1st STIP Study Tour - participating companies 

Objectives of the study tour

  • To understand Singapore and Jakarta as places for expanding your business.
  • To make exclusive visits to the main government agencies in Singapore to discuss the trends in Singapore.
  • To visit Property Developers in Jakarta.
  • To meet like-minded Swiss SME's
  • To learn about the Singapore-ETH Centre and the opportunities it provides for collaborations. 

Interested companies

Companies who are interested in joining a possible next study tour (no date yet determined) do please contact Denise Weber via e-mail:

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